Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This woodcock was huddled into itself on the playground of my kids' school this morning, clearly injured, so I drove it to Northerly Island, where Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has a small bird hospital. For this deed I earned the dubious distinction of bringing in their first wounded soul of Spring Migration 2012. Chicago is part of the great Mississippi Flyway, and over seven million birds use the Flyway to get to their summer nesting grounds. Along the way many succumb to human-made perils, including smacking into plate-glass windows (like my woodcock).

To learn more about what to do if you find an injured bird (or other animal), please visit Flint Creek's website and/or their Facebook page.

We brought Paloma to this same facility in 2009, and they were just as nice about that pigeon as they were about the woodcock. The average cost to rehab one injured bird is $50; please consider a donation to Flint Creek if you are reading this ... a show of support from the cat contingent!

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