Monday, March 12, 2012

Mei, and thanks

Some thanks today -- to James M. and Mike H., for their ongoing support. And to Che and Lorelei, trappers and caretakers of South of the Midway cats -- a big thanks for their generous gift to our fund at Tree House Humane Society. Che's employer, who wishes to donate anonymously, matched Che's gift for a total gift of $1,360. The cats who will receive veterinary care because of these donations thank you (well, at least we thank you).

Meanwhile we congratulate Che and Lorelei on welcoming their newest member: Mei, formerly of the Battlestar Galactica (Redux) colony. She is a stunning 3-year-old Turkish Van! Che says "she has been instrumental in teaching me how much the concept of 'feral' is fluid and transitory. May all of your fosters and adoptions be at least one-tenth this easy/joyful/rewarding. Trust me on that one."

Happy life, MEI!

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James Mitchell said...

Of course it all depends on the cat. Slim ( ) has been a happy house cat for a long time now, but he's only just crossing the line now from being essentially feral (if extremely confident and curious for a feral) to essentially tame.

bundeleh said...

Whereas my feral, Itty Bitty, is going on seven years without changing much at all.

Martha said...

I took in a mother and her two adolescent kittens four years ago. MamaCat is a dominant female who enjoys people. Her daughter Moggie who came in three months later is completely social. Her son Buddy still hasn't let my husband touch him, but he's fine with my adult children and me. Still hides whenever guests come over.