Thursday, March 29, 2012


Pops was found, starving, in an abandoned garage. He has gained almost four pounds since being rescued and now has a shiny black coat, which he loves having brushed. Pops loves to get tummy rubs. In fact, he loves affection. He is extremely, ridiculously affectionate; he gives nice hefty head butts too. His snaggletooth only adds to his charms.

We think Pops was booted from his home, although we'll never know why. He is a senior cat (the vet estimates him to be ten or twelve years old) who is clearly used to being in a home environment. He is so happy to be in his foster home and has so much love to give!

Pops is fixed, neg/neg, and ready to move in and be your new best friend for the rest of his life. Please consider adopting this loving older gentleman. Write to to apply.

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