Friday, March 23, 2012


Egypt was abandoned at our local vet's office. Fostermom Michelle writes "Egpyt was very, very shy when she came to live with us. It took her over a month to be comfortable in our house. She now spends her days stretched out in a sunny patch on the floor or curled up near us. She can be quite vocal – especially in the morning - and will ask for a massage until she gets it! She is little – about 8 months old and tiny. Her litter box habits are excellent. She dutifully uses her sisal scratching post. Since she has been with us she has gone from hiding in the bathroom all day & night to greeting me when I come home. She and the dog tolerate each other -- she is definitely in control of that relationship!" Thank you to Egypt's fosterfamily, who are on their first foray as fosterers. Great work!

And now, a poem about Egypt, by Sarah (8 years old):

We call her Kit Kat
She is getting better being with us
Sometimes she makes a fuss
Cute little Kit Kat

Sometimes she swipes
She likes fresh catnip (a little bit)
She is a brown tabby
She lays on the floor
While you’re on the computer
Soft little Kit Kat

She’s off to herself
She has a plume tail
Hers ears perk up
Nice little Kit Kat

Pet her with slow gentle strokes
Like you brush your teeth
Then she won’t swipe or nip
Sweet little Kit Kat

She needs her own space
For a little while,
About a week or two
Brave little Kit Kat

(She’s ok with dogs.)


julie k said...

i love the poem!!

bundeleh said...

I love the poem and the inspiration! Yay young poets.

laura r. said...

great poem inspired!