Monday, March 19, 2012

Picasso is waiting

Fostermom Lindsey says Picasso, who was living in a dirty and dangerous alley before we took him in, is "an absolute pleasure to have around. Perfect for anyone looking for a loyal companion and a cuddle buddy. A total purr machine who adores attention and sleeping on laps. He loves to talk too (which is why we've been calling him Ira Glass). He's such a unique cat, and has the personality of a kitten-puppy hybrid. He will, without fail, greet me at the door whenever I get home, and if all the roommates aren't home, he will hang out close to the door until everyone is together again. He'll then proceed to take turns sitting on everyone's lap. He even licks my face sometimes! But as calm and affectionate as he can be, he also has what seems to be an infinite supply of playful energy, so he's really the best of both worlds.

Everyone who's met him agrees he is a very special and loving cat, so I hope he meets some equally amazing potential adopters."

Picasso went to our adoption event last month and he was amazingly chill. When a dog came in he was like, "oh a dog. Whatever."

Here is Picasso making a friend:

Thank you to the person who donated to us "in memory of [her] mother, Elizabeth Smith, who loved cats!" We appreciate your thinking of us and I apologize that it took so long to get this acknowledgement up.

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