Monday, March 5, 2012


This beautiful kitty was found by Maurya one night near Cottage Grove and 52nd Street (busy intersection). Maurya wrote in: "We have no idea what to do with him/her, followed us inside and after a few minutes wouldn't let us stop petting her." Maurya and her boyfriend quickly got on the case and took this cat to the vet the next morning. Kitty had no chip, no collar, and also began to have a miscarriage just as she was at the vet's office. Thanks to Maurya and her friend Bonnie for nursing Oz through a difficult time. We are happy to know this lady is inside and won't be contributing to the pet overpopulation crisis. She is now spayed.

Bonnie took Oz home to foster her, and she writes that "Oz is 7 lbs of love looking for a warm lap. She's very people oriented and is happy to be cuddling any time you're in the mood, and when she does cuddle she becomes the loudest little purr box ever. While she has immediately loved everyone she's ever met so far (she purred all the way through her physical at the vet), she hasn't been a fan of her foster big brother, Seamus. She shows signs of being interested in playing with people but just doesn't seem to know exactly what to do. As she becomes more comfortable with her surroundings her playfulness comes out more and more. She is quite fluffy but LOVES being brushed and will help by flipping over on her back and stretching her legs out for you."

She is approximately 1 year old,FIV/FeLV negative, spayed and has had her first round of vaccinations. Oz appears to be a a small Lynx Point DLH with beautiful blue eyes. Fancy! Such is the cat overpopulation crisis, that even beautiful fancy cats are out on the street, pregnant and starving and begging for a home.


lilolady said...

Such the purrrty kitty.

Dianna said...

I believe I have seen some flyers for this lost cat posted in Hyde park area, specifically on the UofC emergency pillars.