Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tabby Monster

Tabby Monster is a classic big-headed male tabby cat. He was found outside in Pilsen, eating food put out by animal rescuers extraordinaire Yvette and Frank. After being neutered, he began to warm up and eventually he was allowed in to reside in the special foster room. Yvette reports he has now completed the process of acculturating to the inside. He has perfect litterbox habits, uses a scratcher, and sleeps in a cat bed. He is fine with small dogs, but seems apprehensive about big ones so far, and he's also been fine with other cats (most former colony cats are). Now, T.M. has his own rules about being petted -- he doesn't like his lower back scratched, but you can scratch his head all day, he will even start drooling sometimes because he loves it so much. Like many former outdoor cats, T.M. has a 'special' relationship to food (meaning he LOVES it). He gets a bit bossy at meal time and tries to smack the scoop of kibble out of your hand if you don't pour it fast enough... but he is a doll otherwise. While he may retain a little nervousness around new people, you will soon win him over with food and treats.

Contrast to this photo of T.M. outside in mid-December, when Yvette put him on her to-do list ("TNR this cat"):

Wow! This incredible-looking guy is going to make somebody very happy. TM is neutered, vaxed, neg/neg, and ready for his furrever home. Email to apply.

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James Mitchell said...

There's something really special about having a big, round headed monster tabby in the house. I haven't seen this fellow, but mine is like a whole different breed. My other cats are all long and sturdily built as normal cats go, and he's still clearly much bigger (and even leaner) than them. He's a majestic creature to see.