Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hyde Park Cats -- now helping birds! Paloma had apparently fallen, hurt her wing, and was being stalked by a neighborhood cat. Marta saved her and kept her safe and fed on a diet of fresh corn and sunflower seeds. Marta is also my ninera -- my girls' caregiver -- so of course we found a way to help Paloma. This morning my two little girls helped do a big mitzvah by taking Paloma to the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation center on Northerly Island! Paloma will be assessed by a vet and, if treatable, they'll release her in Barrington.

The folks at Flint Creek really made this easy and I was impressed they would even take a pigeon (Paloma means dove in Spanish, and did you know pigeons are really 'rock doves'?). They do great work. Also, who knew Northerly Island was covered in fantastic wildflowers, that they have coyote babies (we didn't sight them) and a fox and a walkway on the docks and what a beautiful spot!

Please see Flint Creek Wildlife.

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margaret said...

Nice rescue, Marta! Poor bird would have been doomed even if a kitty hadn't caught him/her. Now Paloma will get a second chance. Hooray for Flint Creek Wildlife, too!