Friday, July 24, 2009

Best Post Ever

Cat Cora--Mama Cat--has been reunited with her kittens and is nursing them all. They are in a clean, quiet, comfortable room, with plenty of food and water. And no construction going on right on top of them (although perhaps this lack of chaos will bother Cat Cora?)!

We set the trap last night and Monica and Carlos watched over it. Maybe forty-five minutes later they called ... she was in! Below is the video of the kittens and Cora getting their first whiff of each other after their separation.

Cora grabbed Kindle (we think) and ran under the bed with him:

And we put the other three mewlers near her. She stretched out and started to nurse ... her whole body seemed to unfurl in relief.

What an amazing outcome for this situation! Next: get ready to find homes for four kittens ...


Anonymous said...

Its all good! Good humans, good work, good Mama Cat Cora, good kittehs! May all have a good weekend.

margaret said...

Wow. So cool to see the videos and the photo of the reunited family! Great job.

Mia said...

Excellent! Thanks for the terrific update! Well done!