Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cat Cora (construction site Mama)

An update on our Construction Site Cats. Good news and bad.

I got a call yesterday late afternoon from Connie, the original sighter of the kittens. She said Mama Cat was still there! I couldn't get over with a trap until after dinner, and there she was--as pictured--hanging out. The trap was set with some particularly wet and noxious kitty food, but she didn't go in even though it was obvious she wanted that food. Searching and careful listening did not yield the kitten, however.

In good news, a couple from the building across the street came out to see what we were doing to the cat and agreed to help by watching the trap. Monica called me at 10 pm to say the kitty was in the trap but ... it didn't spring! Bad news. It appears the door had gotten stuck on some construction detritus. Monica took the trap in, thus saving me a trip, and will help again tonight.

I've named this long-haired beauty Cat Cora, after "Iron Chef" Cat Cora, and to match her kittens. I'll unveil more kitten news later when Eevie sends me her update.

Huge purry thanks to Norah and to Margaret for helping out with donations. This is going to be an expensive rescue. Thanks to Kat and to Janelle for kitten formula. Thanks to Monica for helping on the trapping end -- this is such a relief. Huge thanks to Eevie for trapping, for taking the kittens to the vet, and for foster care! And thanks to Connie for putting up signs at the construction site yesterday (to alert the construction workers what to do if they find the kitten) and for finding these kittens and caring enough to do something about it.

I also want to mention that the Site Manager of this construction site was very helpful when I alerted him to the situation. He notified the correct person actually on site, and also let me know about other construction going on in that area.

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margaret said...

Cat Cora is a brave and tough mama cat.