Tuesday, July 7, 2009

missing cat alert

Itty Bitty Kitty is a semi-feral "pet cat" who went missing last night (Monday) from her home (deleted).

She will NOT come to her name or anything else and will NOT let you approach her. If you sight her, please CALL and we'll come with a humane trap. Please call (deleted) with any sightings.

UPDATE: As Susan suggested in her comment, Itty Bitty was probably hunkered down nearby just working up her courage to bolt across the lawn. She slunk back into the house about two minutes ago and attacked a tin of wet food. Now she's playing her favorite game with me: "Look at me, I'm so cute, don't even try to pet me." Thanks for the good wishes everyone!


Mia said...

I would set a trap or traps right away even if you do not spot her - as a semi-feral she is probably hunkered down quite nearby - put soemthing really smelly in the trap(s).

Fingers crossed - great pics!


Anonymous said...

post your phone number we live in hyde park and found a cat similar to this one.