Saturday, July 11, 2009

Akiba, the next day

Akiba, rescued yesterday from an abandoned property next to the Akiba-Schechter school, rested comfortably overnight in a trap but, on inspection this morning, was deemed ready for petting. Petting led to purring. Purring led to snugging. Snuggling led to being taken to the vet for a round of Revolution (de-flea, de-worm, de-earmite).

Akiba is a boy and is about four months old.

"Mama, where is her mommy? Why her lose her mommy? Is her going to our house? I think her wants to go home" -- 3.5 year old vet-in-training.


Diane H said...

Uh oh. That's all I'm saying.

mhb said...

Looks like it could be love...