Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fourth kitten found!

Readers -- this afternoon I received a call from Roger at the construction site. He found the fourth kitten! It was in a gravel heap -- the construction site changes very rapidly; I don't think Cat Cora abandoned it but rather that the site is changing minute by minute. Eevie sped over and retrieved the kitten; it was covered with construction dust. When reunited with siblings, siblings crawled all over it: Eevie claims they seemed relieved. Here is a short video of black kittenball.

We've named this fourth kitten Kindle (don't know gender). Now we have Kindle, Constance (the first one we found), Karma (boy), and Kismet (boy). Mike H. had suggested those last two names some time ago; I'm glad to be able to use them on the Konstruction Kittehs.

Thanks to Ginny for the donation!

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margaret said...

Hooray! Congratulations on this additional rescue!!