Friday, October 28, 2011

South Chi Mama and Kittens: part I

We were asked to help with a semi-feral young mama cat who had four kittens this past week in South Chicago. Like many kittens born on the street though, the kittens quickly came down with an upper respiratory infection. Volunteers Ainat and Meng went to check out the situation. They saw four adorable kittens with gunky eyes, but had to leave without trapping Mamacat. Two days later, Erika and Meng went to try to find the kittens while the mama cat was trapped under a bed. A neighbor told them that the kittens were in their pipes and it was too late that day to try to get them out of there. The mama cat was released to nurse her kittens. Days later, Mercedes, who had been feeding the mama cat. called saying that two of the kittens had been found -- and she even managed to lure the mama cat inside her home! Erika and Meng scooped up the two kittens but couldn't find the remaining two so the mama cat was released once again!

That's the way the trapping cookie crumbles sometimes.

Fostermom Erika reports that the kittens are doing very well. We are very happy that the two kittens are under our care and are safe now as winter approaches, and we will keep trying to get the other kittens and to TNR Mama cat. Special thanks to Mercedes for feeding/caring for the mama cat and kittens and Erika who drove a bunch of times in pursuit of these kittehs.

Thanks to recent donors Robert W. ("dad"), Mike R., and Emma B., who donated in memory of Xavier.

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