Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sophia was found in a tree at 52nd and Harper on August 24th by some little girls. We got a photo of the rescue in process by one of our eyes-on-the-street, and later on, a grown-up rescuer made contact, and Sophia was brought to one of our fosterhomes.

Sophia had a kitten the night of her rescue - surprise! - but the kitten died shortly thereafter.

When she was brought to her fosterhome fosterparents Claire and Olivier noted that she was very skinny and weak, but also very affectionate. Sadly it turned out Sophia had FeLV (which is also why her kitten died) and she has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

It always breaks our hearts when a kitty dies. But as always, we at Hyde Park Cats are grateful that we were given the opportunity to provide some comfort and care into the cats' lives. Sophia got to give birth in a nice quiet warm room, and got some last days of love and affection, and died quietly and peacefully. RIP Sophia and kitten.

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