Friday, September 30, 2011


L'shanah tovah, readers! For the New Year we bring you Grady, who is so happy to be inside that only "content-a-cat" photos, with closed eyes, are currently available. Grady has been living outdoors and being caretaken by Barbara J., who we've been working with on the outdoor-cat population on her block. Barbara just thought Grady was too friendly to be left outside. He was neutered, vaxed, dewormed, etc., and is now in Laura F.'s loving fosterhome. She says "He's doing great. He immediately scarfed down a big bowl of food after being let out of his cage. He seems a bit timid and tired, but extremely friendly and happy to be indoors and out of the rain. Right now he is laying in my lap, sleeping and purring." Thanks to Barbara J. for watching out for him; to Laura S. for coordinating his medical care; to Laura F. for fostermoming -- and also to Sarah and Jim and their kids, who recently adopted Tabe and Nero. Because Nero found a home, we were able to bring Grady inside.

A sweet new year to all!

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