Monday, September 19, 2011


Ashland was trapped by MJK in the Liliana colony on Wednesday. He's inside while we monitor him for friendliness. He seemed slightly peeved by his change of venue -- ingrate!

Thanks Mike H. for the donation. You are our ongoing hero.

Zumba for kitties tonight! Nichols Park from 7 to 8 pm.


James said...

His face reminds me of my one time HPC featured street kitty, Slim. Slim has finally decided that I can pet him at times when he is neither eating nor cuddling with his buddy.

bundeleh said...

Well that is probably all you deserve, Human, and you should be grateful for the opportunity to even approach such a magnificent beast as Slim.

James said...

Slim is happy to be a house cat, but he might be happier if he wasn't still somewhat afraid of me. But I would really like to sweep him up and give him a snuggle some day - he really is a magnificent beast.

bundeleh said...

I share your pain. I have a "semi" feral who I have never snuggled or even petted ... in six years. Sometimes the desire to snuggle her is overwhelming, but it can never be.