Thursday, September 8, 2011

Foster failure: Sufi

Foster failure. This is the term in the animal-rescue world for a fosterer who has fallen in love with their foster animal and ends up "failing" as a fosterer (becoming an adopter instead). It's true, our fosterers can have a pretty tough job. They have to live with all sorts of wonderful cats, and be strong enough to let them go when their furrever family comes along. But some kitties have the ability to break even the most experienced fosterer, and this is what happened with Dan Ryan and Nusrat. After Nusrat had a string of successful fosterkitties who all found great homes, Dan Ryan came into Nusrat's world--you can read his amazing story here. After fostering him for a few months, Nusrat just couldn't let him go. Here he is enjoying a stroll outside his forever home. Now he is Sufi. Nusrat, thank you for your past and continued service to needy cats. Mazel tov Sufi and Nusrat! Happy life!


lilolady said...

Nusrat, your Sufi is quite the handsome dude!

Louise said...

True, he is most handsome (and well-behaved enough to take outside??) What a great picture and a happy ending!

nsc said...

Thank you so much! He is indeed a very handsome fellow. I think he's a bit too adventurous for his own good, though, and not so well behaved when he's scratching me or the door to get out. I think he's more like a dog in a cat's body. He's also super-friendly like a dog.