Tuesday, September 13, 2011

U Haul

"U-Haul" is a stunning, large, long haired, neutered male cat who was abandoned at a Hyde Park vet clinic last Tuesday. His owners said they were moving, and just left him in the clinic's waiting room. The clinic staff affectionately named him U-haul as a result of his unfortunate circumstances. U Haul appears to be a healthy, indoor cat, about five or six years old. He will receive veterinary treatment courtesy of the veterinary worker who reached out to find him a home, and we will transfer him to a foster home within a day or two.


cathelper said...

Poor little guy looks so confused and scared. Thank you HP Cats for taking him in.

People are such jerks, what they couldn't find a place to move that would let them TAKE THEIR CAT WITH THEM? That's the commitment you make when you get a pet, to take care of it, not dump it because its not 'convenient' any more.

I sure hope this little guy has better luck with his next 'owner'

Lilithcat said...

what they couldn't find a place to move that would let them TAKE THEIR CAT WITH THEM?

Sometimes, you can't. I know someone who acquired an additional cat because his owner's job sent him out of the country, and, yes, it was not possible for him to take the cat with him. My friend agreed to foster the cat and find him a new home. Perhaps not surprisingly (knowing my friend), the so-called "fostering" seems to have turned into a permanent placement!

Certainly, leaving U-Haul at the vet's wasn't the best solution. But I'd say it was certainly better than throwing the cat out into the street, as we know happens, or taking him to a kill shelter.

bundeleh said...

I disagree. Abandoning an animal at a private business or a home is illegal. It is also a huge cop-out and just making your problem somebody else's problem. The vets cannot be expected to place abandoned animals. These people need to face their decisions and take their animals to the appropriate facility.