Monday, September 5, 2011


Beautiful Kitty was the beloved pet of a senior citizen, J., who just moved into assisted living. She could not keep Kitty, and turned to another local volunteer organization, Hyde Park Village. They turned to us.

Poor Kitty spent one night at the Animal Welfare League facility before we could all connect on this case. When we went to retrieve her she was so scared! We're very pleased we've been able to keep Kitty, who is six or eight years old, from spending even one more moment in a shelter. Kitty is a pretty and soft cat who likes to hang out in something comfy, but who comes when called and is attentive, neat, quiet, and sweet.

Thanks to Sarah B., Susan A., and Linda W.-I. for their caring and their help. It takes a village!

We have promised Kitty's former owner, J., that we are going to find a loving home for Kitty to spend the rest of her life in. Please write to to apply.

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