Sunday, September 4, 2011


Odin is an affectionate, 9-12 month old, yellow male tabby. He was rescued from a brutal life as a submissive outdoor cat; he has injuries in both of his eyes due to not protecting himself from aggressive feral cats. Lara J. noticed him quickly in her South Shore outoor cat group and brought him to the clinic for treatment. We were contacted for help and luckily a foster space opened. He can still see--his eyes are on the mend and he is curious and likes to explore. He makes friends quickly and is definitely a lover, not a fighter. He is quiet and loves being petted. He is also calm when being held, and likes to look around from the comfort of your arms. He loves to be where people are and especially loves laying in your lap soaking up love and affection. This beautiful young boy is looking forward to a new life of leisure--with you?

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Sarah said...

My heart just breaks that he was so tormented by other cats out on the street, but the breaks are mended with happiness when I read that Odin is in a caring foster home where people are showing him what it means to love. Thank you to the amazing rescuers and fosters who give kitties a second chance.