Friday, September 2, 2011

Adopt Kittens -- in twos!

The adopter of two of April's kittens recently sent in pictures of her cuties and the following note:

"Hi! I wanted to send in some pictures of our kitties (Sirius and Loki- formerly Nantucket and Mattie of April's litter) being super adorable in their new(ish now) home :-) Thanks for all your help in finding them! Having them in our lives has been even better than expected and we're glad we adopted the two together - they're constantly playing and snuggling together, which I think made the transition into our home an easy one."

This is why we are pretty stubborn about our kittens-in-pairs policy. Not only would it be denying kittehs a lifetime companion, but it would be denying adopters this kind of cuteness and adorable cuddling! We're doing it for you, adopters! Also--April herself is still available.

Please visit our adoptables page and visit Parkers (1342 East 55th Street) Sunday from 12-3 p.m. to see some of our adoptable kittehs in the furry flesh!


Noon said...

The Parker's adoption event is on SUNDAY and not Saturday!!

4headedmonster said...

I heartily endorse the adopt kittens in pairs policy! I adopted Achilles and Istria just about a year ago, and I'm so glad i have both of them! They play together constantly, and I'm positive they are happier and healthier due to the companionship they have. Definitely always adopt kitties in pairs (preferably pairs that already know each other)!