Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Cricket was trapped last week at the Brickyard Garden feral-cat colony south of the midway. He is no feral cat. He loves to nuzzle and even allow you to fwoof up his fwoofy tummy fwoof. Fostermom, who has three resident cats, reports that he is fitting in well. "He always greets me and approaches me for pets when I call his name. An this morning, he and Marlo (formerly known as Cat 233 were galloping around my apartment playing with each other." Cricket is neg/neg, neutered, vaxed, and ready for a forever home. He is FLOOFY and needs a companion who loves to floof the floof!

Cricket was the winning boy's name from the 57th Street Children's Book Fair cat-naming contest. Thanks kids!


Lilithcat said...

That is some serious floof! What a cutie.

Kim said...

Believe me, it takes A LOT to put up with Marlo (Cat 233) because he's a handful... but Cricket is a great sport. :-)