Monday, October 3, 2011

Uhaul explains himself

I'm a cat with a story, that's for sure. You wouldn't believe the saga I've put my foster people through! I had good reason though - my former people unceremoniously dumped me at Hyde Park Animal Clinic because they were moving and couldn't be bothered to take me with them. Hmph. That's why the vets started calling me Uhaul. Well, I'm a cat who doesn't care much for change, so that threw me for a loop for a couple days, until I realized the vet people were pretty nice and I didn't have to be paralyzed anymore. Soon enough they changed things on me again, though, and I got carted off to my new foster-place where a bunch of scary other cats live! Time to hide, man. And I'm one heck of a good hider, let me tell you! I had them running around scratching their heads for ten days! They thought I jumped out a 5th story window or into a hole up in the ceiling. Hah, I only wish I were that athletic.

Whole thing didn't bother me much, I had a safe little spot where I was doing just fine. Got kinda cramped eventually and so I scratched around and voila! Fosterpeople were there at my beck and call, rushing me food and water. Put me in a room without those bothersome other cats and showed me that the cat tree and windowsill were much cooler places to hang out than under the shelf in the litter box closet. And the best place ever - a lap! Man do I love a nice lap to lounge on. I challenge any reasonably snuggly human to outlast me - I'll never want to leave, promise! I'll purr like a tractor and rub my head against you to show how much I love pets. I'll roll on my back and stretch out for a good belly rub, I'll even grab your hand with my paw and put it on my head - start petting please!

And how could you not want to pet me - I'm as soft and fluffy as an angora rabbit, with a face like a teddy bear. And a big boy at 12 pounds! I may be clumsy but I'm playful too - I roll all over the floor with my catnip ball, and chase any nice rustling thing, and rub and roll all over your feet. Did I mention I purr like a tractor and love belly rubs?

I'll probably get used to those other cats with some time, and probably would get used to your cat with some time - I'm not an aggressive guy by any means. But if you don't have a cat yet… purrrfect. Let me come sprawl on your lap forever!

Hyde Park Cats is anti declaw. However, if you are seeking a declawed cat, we can help you find one who is already declawed!

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