Friday, October 14, 2011


Poor Avy. This seven-to-eight week old female kitten is just so uncute. She has started on her vaccines, tested neg/neg, and has been dewormed. Sarah Z. in Bridgeport found her underneath the front porch when she was about a week old and hand-raised her with bottles. Sarah says "Avy is very sociable, has been raised among a cat and dog, and responds to her name. She literally starts to purr the second she is picked up. " Oh, but she is not cute! Can anyone open their heart to this uncute kitten?

Avy even has her own Facebook page!

Please note our kittens in pairs policy. Our Adoption Coordinator can speak to you more about this.


Sarah said...

Pity about the uncuteness.

lakshmi said...


Nikki said...


lilolady said...

Can't wait to see "Adoption Pending" for this wee uncutey