Monday, April 2, 2012

Smoke is waiting

Smoke is a handsome and loving young male picked up off the streets of northern Hyde Park. Fostermom Ashley writes that "he adores shadows and is fascinated by any  form of reflected light. For example, when I work at my desk and the  outside light is just so, reflecting off of the face of my watch and  onto the wall, Smoke will sit there for at least an hour following and  playing with the light as it travels across the wall. He also loves  curling up inside of semi folded boxes and hiding under tent-like structures (a blanket thrown over a  chair, tissue paper that has fallen to the floor, etc.).  He is a voracious eater--this cat  loves cheese and will steal it from plates and counters if you are not  careful. Lately he has been particularly vocal in a call-and-response  kind of way. I speak to Smoke, Smoke meows, and so on. Smoke also enjoys  perching on the counter and peeking into the shower when it is running.  He gets just close enough to feel the spray, but not get too wet.

Most nights  Smoke will jump into bed when I do, nestle down across my shoulder, and  rest one or both of his paws softly on top of my cheek and across my  neck. In the morning, he is a sure fire alarm clock--letting me know  when he is feeling ready to eat by softly touching my face with his paw  and meowing."

If you are seeking a soft and loving snuggly pillow pet, look no further. Smoke is waiting.

Thanks Hays for the donation of a carrier!

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