Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Champagne Furbana

I couldn't stop myself from calling the new colony on our radar "Champagne Furbana" -- it's a ginger-champagne-marmalade hotspot, with a bit of brown thrown in.

Several weeks ago I was contacted by a resident of North Kenwood/Oakwood, 41st Street near Lake Park. Apparently several years ago a female cat was kept, unspayed, outside, and surprise, surprise, kittens ensued. The next summer, more kittens. And so on. Now the residents have a cat colony on their hands! We're going to try and speak to the newly formed Block Association about TNR, find out how many kitties might be friendly, and help the residents get a handle on these cats.

We have two cats from the colony actually available for adoption, and will post about the cats here more during the weeks to come.

Thanks to Pam for getting in touch about Champagne! And thanks to Ruth both for the donation towards Ori's care but also for fostering the Champagne cats, and for even driving cats to PAWS.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Champagne Furbana!!! So purrty
Imagine cuddling up on some old snow patch, poor thing.