Friday, January 29, 2010


Miró is an older (seven or eight years) gentleman from one of the many many alley colonies just a little bit south of our neighborhood of Hyde Park. He was trapped just a few days ago by trapper extraordinare Sandy K. and Susan R. from PAWS. Sandy has vowed to TNR (or TNA) 1000 cats in the year 2010. Here is one.

This long-haired brown/black cat has obviously known love before, but he's been out a very long time. He tested positive for FIV and is extremely matted. We were asked if we could provide a foster home for Miró while we wait for a space in the PAWS FIV program to open up (a four-to-six month proposition). Luckily for Miró, fostermom Louise has taken him in.

Here you can see Miró waiting patiently for his favorite treats (he got to try several, this one was the paws-down favorite). Also pictured is Lilah, our official kid-tester for Hyde Park Cats. She approves! And Miró approved of her, purring and purring and head-butting and even ... even ... even rolling on his back to expose his tummy fur, a mass of curls! Louise and Lilah and I spent a good long while grooming him. He loved it.

Miró is available for adoption.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you, Mr Miró wut with Lilah giving you treats, n Louise giving you warmth and shelter, and even Paws space in your future!

Anonymous said...

Miro- lovely to 'meet' you - you look great. Welcome to life indoors and all best wishes. Kudos to Louise for her kindness towards you.

Anonymous said...

Saw Susan's post, thanks for fostering. Great news, actually Sandy and I trapped him and as he spent some time just looking at us before going in the trap named him Mira... of course at that time thought he was a girl. Ha! - Curtis