Monday, January 25, 2010

Adopt Hoppy!

From the beginning, Hoppy has surprised his foster parents with his smartness, his curiosity and his energy. He spends hours playing with his fake mouse, running after balls, jumping from a place to another one... he is teased by any moving thing, a fidgeting string or a wriggling toe. We have to be careful because he bites them with the same strength. No way to pet him when it's playtime, your hand is just another funny playmate. When Hoppy starts to be tired, well it's time to explore his environment: a dark closet, the inside of a deep box, a high shelf. At the moment, he likes spending time in the (dry) tub. All this activity stimulates his appetite and Hoppy loves eating. He is not picky for food. Sometime when he watches us having our lunch, he begs for food, sitting on his back paws and joining his front paws. It's so heartbreaking! Hoppy can also be very affectionate, purring and cuddling, when the fancy takes him. He has perfect litterbox habits. A home with a little garden would be heaven for Hoppy.

Hoppy has tested neg for FIV and FeLV; he is neutered and vaccinated. He's ready to go to his forever home!

Email right away. Hoppy is a-waiting!

In a good-news update, Celia has found a home. Go to the PAWS recent adoptions page ... see the group of pix of recent adoptions -- go to the TOP row, FOURTH from the right -- Celia!!!! With a sister! And a mommy and a daddy! We are so thrilled to know that this super-loving boy has found such his family.

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