Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bella and Slim

We all know how some socialization projects don't go as planned. The woman who took these guys in a couple of years ago is no longer able to care for them, and now they have nowhere to turn. Please spread the word to help them find another safe place.

Shy Bella is beautiful and quiet...this pretty girl prefers to observe life from the sidelines. A former feral, Bella was brought indoors several years ago and vastly prefers the inside life. All she needs is a warm home where she'll be safe and well-fed. If you might be able to offer Bella a place in your home, we'd love to introduce her to you!

Slim is a handsome guy who in the beginning can be a little shy...but once he warms to you he will wind himself against your legs and show you his love. Slim is a young and active cat, who loves his toys and likes nothing better than wrestling with another young active feline playmate.

If you are interested in learning more about Bella or Slim, or know someone who might be interested, please contact Toni McNaughton at or 312.855.1225.


Anonymous said...

Sad that things have not worked out such that Bella and Slim must return to the queue. Good that their caretaker has taken steps not to simply dump them as so many others do. So very kind that Hydparkcats is there to try again. Thank you Hydeparkcats for sharing and caring ... and even more importantly, for doing.

Jamesie said...

I hear that Bella has a home where she will be taken care of. I've had Slim for two and a half months now and he's doing better than anybody would have hoped. The goal has long since moved from calm and fairly relaxed to happy and mostly normal. He might just have the love bug in him somewhere.