Thursday, January 28, 2010


Juniper has, at long last, been trapped. Sadly she is pregnant again. Juniper will spend tonight in the trap while we search for a good foster home in which this feralish momma can have her kittens. A member of Black and White Cat World, Juniper is probably on litter number three now. This one will be her last!


Anonymous said...

Hi Juniper, I see no one has offered comment on your little self, a mommy all alone in the world with way too many charges to care for. Enormous responsibility on your cold tired shoulders making your green saucer eyes open so wide in your trap. But Juniper, some humans are trying to assist ... be patient little lady, your hunger is about to be answered. Warmth is about to be yours.

Anonymous said...

Why not just spay-abort? If she's not that far along, doesn't that work too?