Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hanover Park

From Treehouse

For the past two years, Tree House has been in Hanover Park educating residents and officials about TNR, trapping cats, and helping both official and unofficial caretakers properly manage colonies. We are extremely proud of the progress we have made in Hanover Park. Not only have we trapped 35 feral cats, but we have also trapped several friendly cats, which we placed in loving adoptive homes. Many Hanover Park residents have expressed their gratitude for the work we have done in their community, and we are happy to have gained many new TNR supporters. Unfortunately, not everyone in the community is on board with humane feral cat management. Due to a few continuing complaints from one individual, Hanover Park officials have decided that the majority of cats in Tree House's sponsored colony will have to be relocated.

We have until April 15th to relocate 23 cats to new territories. After the 15th, not only will the colony caretaker be forced to cease feeding and sheltering the cats, but the Village may hire an exterminator to trap and kill any remaining cats.Tree House is committed to saving the lives of these feral cats. We are looking for barns, stables, backyards, warehouses, or any place where the cats will have regular access to food and water, adequate shelter against the elements, and a person to supervise them regularly. The cats are all young adults and have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated for parasites, virus-tested, ear-tipped, and micro-chipped. Ideally, we would like to relocate the cats in groups of four or five, but we will consider any offer.

If you have any leads or questions, please contact us at or call our TNR line at 773-784-5488 ext. 234. Thank you for your help!


Ruth said...

It's just horrible that one person can cause such disruption to the cats and their supporters. I wish you well with finding somewhere for these beautiful animals.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that feral cat colonies are LEGAL and PROTECTED if the cats have been 'trapped-neutered-returned and have their shots. Hope I am not wrong about this. I have been caring for three abanded cats under this assumption and have ignored my neighbors complaints.

I will not shop in this community.