Monday, January 4, 2010

Updates, thanks, and available cats

Readers! It's 2010! Time to get some cats adopted!

We have a number of cats currently available for adoption, with several more on the horizon, including kittens. Hoppy, LOKI, Macabee, Judah & Sparkle, Bella, Ori, Max ... these are some of the cats we'll be trying to find forever homes for in the upcoming months. Email our adoption coordinator, Ainat, at for more information. Pictured here is Hoppy, doing his male model routine. Strongly suggest adopting Hoppy for increased handsomeness quotient in your home.

Three cats went to PAWS on Saturday to enter the adoption program: Hecuba, Rosie, and Brushki. Rosie and Brushki were members of our newest colony; full report coming soon. Adopted: Celia/Cecil has been adopted from PAWS, and Valentine was adopted by her PAWS fostermom. Yay!

Thank you to our recent donors: Seth and Stephanie (the rescuers of LOKI), Judith and Mick, Julien D., and Veronica W.. Our work is funded entirely by donations.

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