Thursday, December 17, 2009


Thanks to everybody who wrote in regarding Frankie. I'm a little mystified why this particular cat set off so many bells ... was it the library connection? Frankie was not taken to the pound. He is being taken in by the mom of a colleague of Frankie's finders. He went to our local vet last night (one of our volunteers happened to be there with Mac and said hello), was neutered, got a clean bill of health, and is going home.

Ori is still being monitored at the vet, but Mac is back at his foster space recuperating from his very expensive operation. Fundraising efforts to follow.

Pictured above is Hecuba, who was found wandering around 57th street near the 'commercial' area. She is extremely soft, like minkie fabric, midnight black, and an independent thinker. Last night we transferred her to a new foster home, but her previous fostermom said "she likes to sleep with me at night, or if I'm on the phone or reading, lean against me in the chair and doze. She will rub against legs. She has a lovely purr. She's very outgoing and runs to greet anybody who comes into my apartment."

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