Friday, December 25, 2009

Teddy (happy ending update)

Veronica writes in that "Teddy (found October 6 along the Lake) had a fabulous Christmas. A friend sent him a box of fuzzy mousies. They're not even catnip-filled but he got terrific fun and exercise out of them anyway, especially crashing around the Christmas wrappings all over the floor. And this just 48 hours after he was neutered and got his microchip installed. What a healthy and happy little guy he is! He's taken to waking me up in the morning, should the alarm not go off on time (as this morning, no chance of sleeping in on Christmas morning. NoOOOooo way!) by breathing loudly in my ear and licking my neck with his sandpaper tongue.

Keep up the great work, Hyde Park Cats!"

In other news, I saw a young woman sitting outside the Sears on State Street (Wednesday afternoon) with a very young kitten. She was collecting money for a train ride to California (believe that story or not, but the kitten was real). If you see her and the kitten again, please ask her if she will give or sell you the kitten -- we will take care of the kitten and make sure it gets a new home. When last seen they were on the street in the sleet and snow.

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