Monday, December 21, 2009

bully news

Dog news time!

Apollo is a very sweet 18-month-old pit bull (boxer?) mix. He has been at Hyde Park Animal Hospital for almost three (3!) months and is going a bit stir crazy. HPAC has been trying to find him a new home. Our foster coordinator met him and says he is a very attractive doggy and he wants a forever home. This picture was taken in his cage and doesn't do him justice. Please forward his info, post, etc. Let's get Apollo a home for Christmas!

In other news, Rosemary, the dog abandoned on the highway, got adopted last week! She is now a resident of Lincoln Park where her stay-at-home mommy cooks her food from scratch and wants to train her for therapy dog work. Her new name is--deep breath--"Betsy Biscuit." Her local fostermom, Eevie, sent in this picture of Rosemary and her fostersister Bea. Eevie says "they both got depressed when Rosemary went home. Bea didn't eat for two days and just laid on Roe's bed." Yes, that's right--pit bulls/mixes are good dogs!

UPDATE. It turns out Apollo has a Petfinder profile. Look how QUTE he is!


Yvonne said...

Thanks, HPC for spreading the word about pitties--the best kept secret in the dog world. Happy Holidays to all the critters and their kind people. Love, Eevie, Bea, and Sushi

Ruth said...

I am so happy for Rosemary / BB. I'll be at HPAC today and ask if I could take Apollo out for a walk on a regular basis over the next few weeks as the local dogs I walk are going away for the holidays. It's not a foster home, but he might enjoy it!

Lilithcat said...

It's obviously true that pit bulls are dangerous. Apollo will clearly lick you to death. What a cutie!