Thursday, December 10, 2009

Borders -- caught!

Fosterparent Becca sent in this slide show that shows Borders Cat outside, then inside. Yay!

How did we catch this cat? Persistence. Aimee (who is a full-time pet sitter, email if you want to contact her) kept going by and looking for her in between animal visits. The third time, there she was just sitting on the curb of the sidewalk. Aimee says "I pulled up next to her and baited the trap with tuna, and put it next to the car. Then I got back in the car and moved the side mirror, so I could see her and the trap. She tried to get at the food from the closed side for about 20 minutes, periodically leaving the sidewalk for pedestrians. And then she just went in while I held my breath that she was heavy enough to trip it."

Unfortunately we now find ourselves in a bind. Last night SIX cats in Hyde Park came in from the cold -- "Emily Dickenson" here (Borders was deemed a not pretty enough name), Bella from the MJK alley, three kittens and their adult uncle or daddy in Oakland/North Kenwood at 41st Street. We just don't have spaces for them all. It's hard to comtemplate putting friendly cats back outside in this weather (after spay/neuter surgery) but we're contemplating it. Blog readers, please think about whether you know somebody locally who might be asked to foster, perhaps only over the Winter Break.


Nathaniel said...

Oh, well done. And what a lovely cat.

lilolady said...

Agree, well done. And Aimee / Becca's slide show - a treat! Ms. Dickenson even looks smug to finally be in a trap, for goodness sake! Reading material to boot!!! what a kitteh