Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jersey and Neko (happy ending update)

An update from an adoptive family: "Jersey and her kitten have settled in very quickly and are the center of attention here in our home. We love them! Hyde Park Cats has sure made our two little boys VERY happy! The kitten is a relentless table hopper. My husband tried splashing her with water once but it had no effect. It turns out she loves water. She comes running when we shower and even climbs in under the shower with us sometimes, getting soaking wet and purring in the process. Very unusual cat!" Jersey and her kitten were last seen on the blog as entire cat family seeks home after losing their home and being taken in by a cat lover in Woodlawn.

Today Hopalong (Hoppy) is at the vet being neutered so he can go into his new foster home. Readers, this month has been very expensive for us. Donations of any amount would be put to immediate use!

Thanks to Ginny and to Betty and Joe for the recent donations to help defray veterinary costs. Cats coming in from the cold winter tend to have more health problems such as respiratory infections or injuries like Ori's, from hiding in cars.

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