Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kiwi and Mango (happy ending update)

Raven (Mango) and Cloud (Kiwi) (including one of them rendered in play-doh) in their forever home. Forevermom Jaime writes "It's hard to believe how big they've gotten (and how agile). Raven can leap to amazing heights and Cloud is the master of waiting patiently out of sight to pounce on him. She's very snuggly and is usually in the arms of one of the kids. Raven prefers to cuddle up with the kids, purring loudly, to wake them up in the morning. Adopting them was one of the best things we've done for our kids."

two more of our Bubble Tea cats rescued from an alley in August. All four kittens and their mama, Tapioca, have found forever homes.

Thanks to Julie L. for the donation!


Helenmary said...

They're so HUGE! That really brings home just how tiny Maya still is, since she's a little older but still only half their size.

(and awww!)

Ruth said...

They were such beautiful kittens and it's wonderful to see the beautiful cats they have become.

Margaret B from Maine said...

What happened with Carmella "broken leg kitty" was she adopted?

bundeleh said...

"Broken leg kitty" was adopted by the sister of the fostermom. We hope to have an update soon.