Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ori update

Ori is back from a two-night stay at Hyde Park Animal Clinic. His wounds have been cleaned and stitched up. They had to cut away a lot of dead skin and hair that was already granulating into scar tissue, but were able to close up the big wound and have left a hole for drainage (the shunt will come out soon). Luckily, although there was muscle tear it was relatively small and the majority of the damage was only skin-deep. Ori is going to a foster home and we have every reason to believe his wounds will heal without permanent damage. He is a very affectionate kitty who is seeking L U V. It was difficult to take his picture as he insists on coming to get pets and scratches. Please consider donating to cover Ori's surgery.

In other news, "Borders" (see below) continues to elude us. Last night trappers were out in the cold and snow and we'll be at it again -- maybe even tonight! Please consider donating some hot coffee or hot chocolate for our intrepid volunteers, who brave all the elements! We also are working on a whole family at 41st Street -- kittehs kittehs kittehs!

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Ruth said...

Yeah, Ori, I'm so glad you're gonna be okay!