Saturday, December 26, 2009

Akiba (happy ending update)

Akiba was trapped outside of Akiba-Schechter school over the summer.This playful and mischievious cat must have been searching for some kids of his own. And what kids did he find? Mine. Akiba knocks every object off every surface, stomps around the house as loudly as an elephant, eats any food left unattended, constantly stalks and attacks the other cats, and ruined a chair with his claws. But the girls love him. Lilah wrote a story about him for preschool: "My favorite cat is Akiba. We found him at Akiba. He stays in a basket in the basement." He allows himself to be picked up, wears Mr. Potato Head's glasses, sits in the Toto basket for endless rounds of Wizard of Oz play, and best of all lies down for pets and love from little girls. Our kitten found us, and we love him. Here's to happy endings, everybody!

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