Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Coconut and Avocado (happy ending update)

I'm running a special all week: happy ending updates! If you have adopted a cat through us, please send me your happy ending update.

Bubble Tea kittens Coconut (now Flurry) and Avocado (now Cupcake) are all grown up and appear to be in charge of their new home. Forever mom Marlis writes "here is Flurry with resident dog Tabitha; she's finally gotten relatively used to them though she still doesn't appreciate it when Cupcake crouches at the bottom of the stairs and ambushes her as she comes down! They are both cuddle bugs and Cupcake especially insists on sitting in my husband's lap. Thanks again for everything and keep up the good work!"

Coconut and Avocado were two of our Bubble Tea cats rescued from an alley in August. All four kittens and their mama, Tapioca, have found forever homes. You may remember this iconic photo of Coconut and Avocado embracing. We're soooooooo glad they were able to stay together forever.

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Thanks to Margaret B., Nicole T. and to Ruth H. for their donations, and to Emma B., Bella's fostermom, for her generous underwriting of Bella's veterinary care. Purrs to all!


lilolady said...

Thanks so much for your Happy Ending Update initiative! I love it and hope more updates are given.

Becca said...

is it just me, or is the iconic photo of them reminiscent of john and yoko?

Becca said...

(but cuter, obviously)