Friday, December 18, 2009

Kislev update

Kislev is still being boarded at the vet.

We may or may not be making contact today with a woman who runs Last Chance Rescue in Indiana; Kislev would live in her heated barn which has been made into a home for Feline Leukemia cats.

If we can't make contact today one of our volunteers and his finder will most likely drive him to Indiana over the weekend.

Well, it's not a home, but it's much better than euthanasia. However, we would still consider applications for Kislev to be adopted. Kislev is a young adult cat, neutered, very calm and loves to lap sit contentedly, purring all the while. He sits quietly and calmly in a cat carrier without fuss. Like most cats, he doesn't like to be alone and wants to be where the human is. He will quietly bid for attention but graciously accepts if you are not able to give attention. In short, he's easy, adorable, and would make a really good companion for anyone. Lucky you if you decide to adopt him. He had the "snap" test for Feleuk, but not the more definitive DNA test.

Thanks to Peggy M.. and Martha B. for the recent donations to help defray our vet bills. It must be the winter weather, but we had two cats in surgery this week and a third cat (Bella) at the vet for observation.

Happy last night of Hanukkah!

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Margaret B from Maine said...

That certainly is good news...and from what I am reading, that rescue does adopt out cats even with FeLV.... I have prayed for this poor kitty and will keep doing so.

BTW...THANK YOU for the LOVELY card! :) Happy Holidays!