Friday, October 9, 2009

Multicolor Cat Family Awaits Homes

Tortoiseshell teen mom Jersey and her lovely kittens are presently being fostered in a Woodlawn home and are available for adoption inquiries. Jersey has tested negative for FIP/FIV/FeLV (we have not tested the kittens yet but this basically means they are also negative).

The silver girl, Lady Jane, is a bundle of pouncy, bouncy energy and the most outgoing to the three kittens. The orange tabby is Tiger, the most laid-back and cuddlesome of the trio; the calico beauty is Marigold. Marigold may be a long-haired kitty; her foster mom says she has the floofy, silky, every-which-way kind of fur. She's also apparently "a master at the art of the sideways-backwards, back-arched-poofy-tailed kitten retreat, which she does with a perfectly serious expression despite the crowd of giggling humans and chorus of "awwwwww....!"

The kittens are being treated for pink-eye and everybody has a widdle cold. Please send your adoption inquiries to Hurry! Kitten season is almost over!

Thanks to everybody who responded about our fund after Cornflakes' vet bill: David K., Margaret B., the other Margaret B., Regina, Helenmary, Ruth, William, and Veronica and of course my mommy Marilee. If I've left you out, let me know.

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