Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Battlestar Galactica kittens: now with insideness

Four Battlestar Galactica kittens, obviously of two different litters, inside. Orange kitten: Ronnie. Browner tabby: Terry (confirmed female, spayed). Greyer stripes: Moggy. And black/white older kitty is Magee.

Foster-mom Diane was shocked and appalled, yet delighted, to find that little tiny Magee was actually the mommy cat to these kittens and had started to nurse them again. That is ... until she realized that Magee is a boy. This sweet older sib was letting the younger kittens comfort themselves on his tum tum! Awww ... ewww ... thank goodness that's over now.


Margaret B from Maine said...

What a sweet kitty to comfort his younger siblings.....They are a cute lookin bunch :)

It sure looks like you folks are really busy right now trying to get kitties squared away before winter. Great job everyone!

Ruth said...

What a clutch of cuties. Great work Diane in giving these babies a new start. Cat lovers of the world salute you.