Tuesday, October 6, 2009

found kitten, found dog, need wet food!

Tuesday morning: found four-month-old kitten on the lakefront between 51st and 53d streets. He is a white and gray-striped tabby (patched) and has a sweet, delicate face. He has been fed recently, he is fat, and his coat is in excellent condition. Presently at HPAC. Have you lost your kitten? He has no microchip, he's not neutered. Be prepared to show a picture if you think this is your cat.

Thursday (Oct. 1): young male husky running down Cottage Grove near 58th St. near the U of C DCAM. He did not appear neglected, starving, or afraid of people, but had no tags, just a choke chain around his neck. No microchip. Be prepared to prove it with a picture if you think this is your dog.

Cornflakes (see post directly below) can't eat dry food! Can you donate wet food for Mr. C. Flakes?

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