Sunday, October 4, 2009

Maya, nee Connie, with Jane, nee Moe

Two unrelated rescued kittehs have ended up together in a forever home: Jane, nee Moe, who was one of the Parkview Project cats at 51st and Cottage Grove, and Maya, nee Connie, our maggot-covered construction kitten. Have you ever heard of a happier ending?

Maya and Jane together. Their Forever Mom, Helenmary, reports that "Jane often licks Maya when they wrestle, but yesterday, as Maya went in to pounce, Jane hooked a paw around her neck and dragged her down for a thorough washing. The grooming/cuddling went on for an hour. Maya tried to leave a few times, but Jane just swatted her in the face until she submitted and curled up close."


Yvonne said...

My heart sings! Thanks to you, Helenmary.

Nathaniel said...

How adorable they are. Antonia - who could be Maya's twin for looks and size - is getting close to that stage with her step-sisters.

Margaret B said...

That Maya is such a cute little nugget. She seems so like my Husi (another LBK....little black kitten) that I rescued 3 years ago. She is still the smallest of my bunch.

I just love Jane's moustache. Calico cats are just lovely examples of God's artwork....I have a pastel calico, Morgainne, and she is an adorable little "walking painting". :)