Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A busy night in Hyde Park

Last night Hyde Park Cats was out in force, trapping in two separate locations, socializing cats and kittens, and feeding our regulars in their alleys. At Battlestar Galactica, redux (61/Dorcester) one young cat and one kitten were trapped, rather inelegantly, but still. At Shakespeare's Garage (55/Drexel) one more kitten was trapped and was added to the pot with his brother of the previous evening's trap.

At Battlestar Galactica, at least three more kittens remain to be trapped, two friendlies, and Lt. Dualla. And maybe another dozen cats! Or hundred cats!

At Shakespeare's Garage we have three more kittens and Mamma cat to trap, plus the friendly with the bad ear; now called Cupid (s/he loves us).

Sadly, the adult male cat trapped from Shakespeare's Garage the other night tested positive for FeLV and was humanely euthanized. We named him Sonnet and wish him the cushiest afterlife possible.

The first Shakespearean kitten, Toby, is apparently a perfect cat and garnered high praise from our halfway-house mom: "Although he has lived his 10 weeks (?) of life on the streets, he has already let me pat him all over, hold him and kiss him. I've loved many cats in my life and cared for many displaced ones, but Toby is one special little guy. It amazes me to think that his experience of humans is being trapped, removed from the only world he has known and separated from all other cats. Yet within less than 24 hours, he is purring and cuddling - he even licked me twice. He has hissed once or twice on my first approach (each of my two visits with him today has lasted about an hour) but I haven't seen a claw or tooth and he will even come out from whatever corner he has taken refuge in is in for more stroking."

In other news, we report the homing of Teddy, the kitten found out on the lakefront last week. Teddy's finder has decided to keep him. Yay for Teddy!

We still have cats available for adoption and will have more soon, as we continue trapping at Battlestar Galactica and Shakespeare's Garden

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Ruth said...

We humans think we find cats, but I firmly believe that they find us, and these stories illustrate this so well!