Friday, October 30, 2009

Shakespeare's Garage Kittenz wrap up

Good news! The first four Shakespearean Kittens (Toby, Andy, Curio, and Valentine) are disease free! Feste, pictured here, hasn't been tested yet. All these kittens started out life in a garage and now they're on their way to being adopted ... and breaking the cycle of promiscuous kitty procreation. Go Hyde Park Cats go!

It takes a village:

  • Ainat and Anna and Vicky and Lilah and Ma'ayan (and others?) all trapped ...
  • Cliff helped cat pre-socialization in all three cases--climbing ladders and extending a hand to a hissing, hiding cat ...
  • Mireille chauffeured the first four to PAWS for their initial intake assessment
  • Kristen, Heather, and Ruth all fostered, and Kristen helped with the trip to PAWS
  • Ellen and Kartik donated food and a litter box and helped with Curio's socialization
  • Parker's Pets donated a box of wet food and a discount on flea meds

    So there have been lots of helping hands in getting these kitties to where they are-- now safely ensconced in foster homes. We're going to do a switcheroo this weekend and put Feste with two of his siblings into a new fosterhome. Now we only have been Olivia -- Mama Cat -- still to go.
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    Ruth said...

    Great to see Feste - what a beauty. And VIcky, you must have done a great job introducing her to the human race - she seems so happy on your (?) knee! All 4 babies are off to a great start for the wonderful lives they deserve!