Monday, October 5, 2009


Meet Cornflakes, a perfect gentleman available for adoption. Readers, Cornflakes has had it ... rough. It appears his front-paw claws, and his teeth, were removed in what our vet described as "a barbaric fashion." The tendons on his front paws were cut in the process, so he walks splay-footed like a kitty-duck. However ... and thank goodness there is a however ... he is a sweet and darling cat, undaunted by his travails. He has perfect bathroom habits (very very clean) and he purrs all the time. He loves nudging you to pet him, and he sleeps next to you. Very calm sort of a lap cat. He's just really gentle. He also loves being held like a baby and carried around.

Cornflakes needs a home where he will be an indoor only kitty, for real. Any other companion animals must be gentle.

Cornflakes is a neutered young man, and has tested negative for FIV and FeLV. He is very skinny right now but is recuperating well. He needs a wonderful cushy home. We know it is out there waiting for him! Please send your inquiries to

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A giant thank-you to Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue for the recent donation of cat food and to Yvonne for getting her tuchus out there to get it!


Margaret B said...

Oh what a poor beautiful darling! I am so thankful that he is now in your care. And he must have such a loving, forgiving spirit that is truly wishes for that little boy to find a good home.

Anonymous said...

Stories like this make me really lose faith in the concept of human compassion. Declawing is controversial enough. Anyone who would do something like removing a cat's teeth is a demented individual who belongs behind bars. People who commit cruelty to animals are on their way to committing cruelty to people. He's very lucky he found some friends to care for him.

lilolady said...

What a purrrrfect name is Cornflake. Give the gentleman a sip (sip only) of cream to complete the purrty picture!

Schmei said...

Poor little dude. I'm glad he's in a warm dry foster home for now... I'll spread the word that he needs a kind and gentle forever home.

Who would DO that to any cat? Let alone such a sweet guy?

margaret said...

Cornflake's story just makes me want to burst into tears. Oh I hope he finds a wonderful, loving, forever home soon.